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I cannot keep track of what is happening in the Brighton Jazz Scene, so to find out for youself go to the Sussex Jazz Mag website and click on Latest Issue.


March 1st 2023

The only music thing I am now doing is putting up short music videos on youtube.

January 20th 2019

New tutorial on ensemble writing for big band on the tutorial page at the bottom of the list. Lots of hints and examples.

July 27th 2015

All of my music is now free to download. That includes all big band charts. If you like the charts, please donate something to charity, it doesn't have to be much, but every little helps. After all, you are getting the music for free.

June 26th 2021

Sorry, I've been late in making changes since Flash was scrapped. In its place I have now put new music players which look different depending upon the age of your browsers - rather chunky in all browsers but nice and sleak in newer ones. I hope the music players work for everyone, but just in case they don't I have retained the links to each of the tunes as a fall-back, even though you may have to wait a while for the music to play.


Your chance to plug your CD free of charge. Don't forget to say where it can be obtained.
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Supplement D'Ame Jean Philippe Viret -contrabasse et compositions, Sebastian Surel - violon, Eric Maria Couturier - violoncello, David Gaillard -alto, available from

Jacques Pellarin Trio's new Album - SOUND OF PHILADELPHIA., featuring Jacquest Pellarin - jazz accordian/composer,Diego Fano - Soprano and alto sax and clarinet, Yann Pajean - percussion). More details from

MARK BASSEY'S TELLING STORIES - The superb trombone player, Mark Bassey, with Dave Frankel, piano, Simon Thorpe - bass and Sean Randle, drums playing some of Mark's originals. Available from:

HIGH WIRE - jazz vocalist, Brennie Richards with Pete White, piano, Terry Pack, bass, Sam Glasson, drums, Paul Christmas, trumpet, and Stan Robinson, tenor.    Jazz and standards, including Sugar, Pretty Eyes, Blue in Green, The Gentle Rain, Moonlight in Vermont.    For more details, click on

WHAT HAPPENS NOW - Terry Pack's new CD out soon on Symbol Records, featuring Terry Pack, Phil Hudson, Ian Price, Frances Knight, Dave Storey, Rob Leake, Will Fry and Enrico Pinna.    Terry Pack plays double-bass and bass guitar and is a composer and teacher in the jazz, rock and pop fields.    Tel. 10323 738529 and mobile, 07801 482984 (East Sussex area).

SAME AIR - New CD from Jan Ponsford (vocals), with Frances Knight (piano), Terry Pack (bass) and Winston Clifford (drums), includes 4 of Jan's originals.   CD released by Symbol Records

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and not forgetting my former cat, Sophie, and my present cat, Beanie.

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