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Sebastian Speaks - this is about a man who is affected by radio waves from mobile phones/laptops, etc

Man's worst enemy - about wanting to pee all the time

Cecil's Diary - about the life of an oak tree

The Shootzer - about an oddball American guy who loves guns

Nostalia's not what it used to be - the title speaks for itself

Bringing up parents - upbringing from a child's point of view

Ethel-ated Spirit - about switching around different generations

Future tents - future life in England

Social Niceties - tongue in cheek look at how things are done in the UK

The Renewable Energetic Man - a man who got carried away with personal renewable energy

Miss Andry's Tale - a man-hating journalist who has an experience which changes her

Polite notices - Public notices and signs made more polite

Santa has his come-downance - how Father Christmas occupied his time for the rest of the year

The Right Date - a date between a man and woman not to remember

The Side-effects of Wendy's Jam - an unusual condition

Tea-ology - some heavenly insights

The who-didn't-do-it mystery - a murder hunt for a non-murder

A World Apart - A Victorian couple journeys into space

Filly-power - a story about a Shetland pony

Grass, gas 'n'ass - an amateur musical takes off. (Musicians may relate to this one.)

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