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Please click on the following links. The first four stories here are in a series and are best read in this order.

A cow­ and bull story - a mixed-sex football match between an English and a French team

The day rain didn't stop play - a wet cricket match

Walkies - a dog race and a slow-walk

People-watching - making a TV documentary about the secret service

The Reluctant Waiter - An advertising executive is late to work and is exposed to the real world

Doctor's Dilemma - An unusual visit to the surgery

Which way to go? - Eating healthily and the consequences for one man

All Change - Changing orientation and how it affected one family

A day in the life of a cat - as the title suggests

XXY and XYX - a tail of two chromosomes

The Voyage of the Arnonauts - a sea journey set in Roman Times

Stop Badgering Me...OK, You Can Start Again Now - going underground

Nurseryville - Some reminiscences about the old woman who lived in the shoe

The Origins of Foodstuffs - A tongue-in-cheek history of certain foods

Home, sweet home? - a story about a family's reaction to Covid-19

More stories to follow...

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