This is a link to my Youtube Channel - all videos

Here is a list of my latest videos.    MOST of these you will not find elsewhere on this website. By clicking on "download" you will find a lead sheet and an orchestral score for most of them.

For Masha   download

Make believe-movie 1   download (piano only)

Make-Believe Movie #2   download (orchestral score only folder

In Loving Memory   download

The city that was   download

Pedants- beware   download

Tribal instinct   download

Vlad the invader   download

The year ahead   download (piano only)

Santa Putin wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year   download

Cannon fodder   download (piano only)

Bucha   download

Pravda   download

Slava Ukraini (orchestral version)   download (only piano part - see below)

Slava Ukraini (piano and bass)   download

What happened to Hroza   download

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