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The first few lines of the lyrics for each of the songs are given below. For the tune, follow the lead instrumental line. Note - not all of these are strictly speaking "jazz" tunes, whatever that means. Music and lyrics by Paul Busby, unless otherwise indicated.

All these are free...but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.  Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.    To refresh the page, click on the yellow Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5  

Gaia's Song  72KB  

Come sing to me.
Let me hear your voice just one more time.
Let me hear the words and understand
The reason for your sadness.

Come sing to me.
Let the music go deep in my ear.
Let me harmonise the melody
And do what you're asking.

Here is the backing track for this song - just one chorus

As-Salamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you) - sorry no soundbite, but you can download the song here:

Brazilian songs    42KB (pdf file size)   

Brazilian songs
Make me dream of women in thongs.
Is it k1nky
If they're wrinkly?
The sound of a whip
On a bum or even a hip
Gives my ears such a ringing
The steam hits the ceiling
And all of my shirt buttons rip.
I like those leather boots
And ladies in rubbers suits.
A corset's just for me
With buckles which stretch to my knee.
With ropes I have tried
To ensure that I'm up-fully tied,
In my leisure
For the pleasure.
From the rings in my nose
To the balls of my toes
I've a feeling
That you're dealing
With a tosser
Turned on by a bossa.

I wrote this song to poke gentle fun at someone. No slur on Brazilian music intended - I love
Brazilian music with its infectuous rhythms, sophisticated harmonies and wonderful tunes.It's only their idiotic President that I can't stand.

Everything about him    53KB   

I love everything about him
And soon he will be mine.
I'll do anything,
Anything for him
When we'll be as one
And our lives entwine.
I'll buy him fancy clothes
To suit his nose and toes,
And ties that match his eyes
That help disguise his size...

It's good to be bad    77KB   

A coupl'a days ago I'm woken up in the morning
With a headache,
And suddenly I realise
All the bedclothes round me were dripping wet
And I'm steaming like a demon down in Hell.
I thought my runny nose had turned to water.
My eyes were sore, my throat was raw
And everything else felt just as if I'd been in the wars...

The Carroll singer  37KB  

When the evening hours
Are sent with magic pow'rs
To soothe away the stressful day
That leaves us all like wilted flowers,
Suddenly you hear a sound that fills the ear
With tuneful song, so sweet and strong
It swings along and shed no tear...

Happy to see me    89KB   

Any minute, any time of day
She's happy to see me.
Misses me whenever I'm away
Or that's what they tell me.
Never ever bears a grudge
However much we're at odds:
It's the fate of the Gods.
Always there to calm me down
When cares and stress overcome me
Or worries make life seem absurd...

This song is about my cat, of course!
Male and female versions provided.

Pianist envy (A bass-player's lament)    36KB   

Ev'rything comes to me
Harmonies for melody
Any kind of rhythmic line
Whatever that might be.
Every key - sharp or flat,
I have learned to cope with that
Major, minor,
There's no finer
Eyebrows that don't bat...

New man    65KB   

I said to myself,
Is there anything that I could do to please her.
Should I buy bouquets of sweetly-smellling carnations
To colour her long long day?
But then I thought I would ask her:
"What can I do
That would bring to you
Some romance and excitement?
Should I take you out to dine in candle-lit cafes
With champagne and mellow sounds
Where there's nobody else around?"
But the answer she gave was "No!

"There are things to do,
It would be very nice of you
If you took advice and lent a helping hand.
There's a home to clean
Or the dust and the dirt will just remain unseen
Where all our chairs and tables stand"...

Proud to be passed it    51KB   

Ain't nuthin' wrong with watchin' Walt Disney's
And ain't nuthin' weird with mindin' my own business,
And when it is late
Ah go to my bed
With no thoughts in mah head
About Rambo...

Lyrics correspond with the sax line. Sung in a Texan accent.

Shall I,shan't I (Teenage angst)   52KB   

Shall I phone him?
Shall I fax him?
Shall I send him a text?
Call his mother?
Call his brother
On some other pretext?...

Thinking of you   34KB   

Thinking of you,
That's all I can do
Till we meet again
And share our thoughts
Before the time is through...

Guantanamo Bay   50KB  

Guantanamo Bay,
Guantanamo Bay,
They torture people there in their sadistic way.
Humiliation, deprivation
Day after day,
They torture people there in their sadistic way,
In spite of what the faces in the government say.

A song about something which has been universally condemned, except by Bush and Trump.
You can find more about Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Extraordinary Rendition (Torture) Flights,
Iran, etc can be found on the Blurb page.

Wished to be   46KB   

In my childhood days I wondered what would lie in store.
In the future would I own great riches or stay always poor?
Would I fall in love and find a house for children by the score?
Maybe so, but I knew what I wished to be...

Please go home now  45KB   

Please go home now,
The waiter and waitress would like to go to bed,
The chef's washed his hands and the cat has been fed,
The doorman's asleep and the manager's fled,
Will you please stop natt'ring,
The night is dead.

By the Shores of Gitche Gumee (from Longfellow's Hiawatha)  68KB  

By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big Sea Water,
Stood the wigwam of Nakomis,
Daughter of the moon, Nakomis,
Dark behind it rose the forest,
Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees,
Rose the firs with cones upon them,
Bright before it beat the water,
Beat the clear and sunny water,
Beat the shining Big Sea Water.

My apologies - the sound quality of this is very poor. It was a head arrangement
and one of the last things I did with Trevor Kay before he died.  The alto solo
is not included here unfortunately as it is a long track.   Sorry if it's not hip enough
for some of you - Trevor liked it and that's all that matters. You can hear the whole thing here.

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