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The following original jazz pieces for small bands or combos are written mainly for 2 front-line parts (2),  but those indicated by (1) can be played by 1.  Rhythm section parts arefor piano, bass and drums.  This music is free...but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.     Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.   To refresh the page, click on the yellow Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5

Key to abbreviations: tpt - trumpet, tbn - trombone, sop - soprano sax,
alt - alto sax, ten - tenor sax, bar - baritone sax, flt - flute, clar - clarinet,
gtr - guitar, vbs - vibraphone, pno - piano, bs - bass, dms - drums,
vln - violin, unis - unison, Bb - tpt/sop/clar/ten, Eb - alto/baritone.

Twos Company      (1)   78KB   (pdf file size)   download

(sop/flt lead,  tbn/ten/alt harmony)

On the death of a child   (1)   50KB    download

(soprano/clarinet/oboe/flute/folk instrument)

Goodbye Trevor   (1)  169KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Ama   (1)   171KB    download

(Bb/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)   Hear the whole piece on youtube here at 42.18

Chad   (1)  112KB    download

(Bb/tbn unis)

A Kiss for Lady Eleanor  (Egy Csók Lady Eleanornek)   (1)   97KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

I know you know he knows she knows   (2)  159KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)For a live performance of this tune click here.

Vanessa   (1)    116KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony) Hear the whole song on  Here

Three steps to Beckley   (1)  187KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead,   tbn/ten harmony)

Vortex   (1)   180KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Arusha     (1)  126KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Smooth Talkin'  (1)   117KB    download

(Bb/alt/pno lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Less than nothing   (1)  82KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead,  tbn chords)

Reflections  (1)   79KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Muse  (1)   130KB    download

(tpt/clar/ten/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

The best of friends    (1)  151KB    download

(tpt/clar/ten/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)
See/hear the tune on youtube here.

The system   (2)   66KB    download

(tbn/ten lead,  tpt/clar harmony)

Arabian Daze    (1)   102KB    download

Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

There are frogs at the end of the rainbow   (1)  137KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

The quickest way to China - down     (1)   111KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Sheboom   (1)   119KB    download

(tpt/alt/clar lead,  tbn/ten harmony) Hear the whole song on  Here

Summer Showers   (1)  267KB    download

(alt, tpt unis)

Third time lucky   (2)  118KB    download

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