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All these tunes are free...but a donation to charity instead would be appreciated.    Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.   These original jazz pieces for small bands or combos are written for 4 front-line instruments.   Rhythm section parts are for piano, bass and drums.

Dung ho  352KB    download

(tpt, alt, tbn, ten)

Green again  280KB   download


Mr Mandela  260KB    download

(tpt, alt, tbn, ten)  - starts colla, then goes into 6/8 layered rhythmic feel. Click on title for longer soundbite.

Second childhood  192KB    download

(tpt, sop, alt, tbn)

The eighth day   289KB    download

(tpt, sop, alt, tbn)

Hymn for the have-nots    234KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)  - includes lots of changes of tempo and feel

Guzzle bubble gum   117KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)  - also playable as stripper music at slow tempo with heavy off-beat

Chapter 2 on the loo (men's title) or Queue for the loo (women's)  128KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

The end of time  261KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Downside up  122KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Janus, son of Janus   346KB    download

(tpt, alt, sop, tbn)   - includes changes of tempo and feel

Fireball  148KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

No such thing as never   112KB    download

(tpt, sop, alt, tbn)

Feta Crumbly  116KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Panic, also known as 3212  193KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn) Hear the whole tune here

Rude Awakening  135KB    download

(tpt, sop, alt, tbn) Hear the whole tune here

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4-horns - page 2

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