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All this music is free, but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.  More jazz arrangements for small bands or combos which are mainly written for 2 front-line instruments but those marked (1) can be played by 1. Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.     

Wizadry  (1)  95KB   download

(Bb/altlead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Tim can   (1)  156KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Postman's knock   (1)   165KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on  Here

What if...  (2)  175KB    download

Dilemma  (1)  82KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Touchez-moi  (1)  101KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)

Peach time  (1)  171KB   download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on   here

Friars Walk  (1)   90KB   download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)
  Hear/See the tune on youtube here

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten part-lead)

Ships that pass in the night   (1)   181KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn lead,  plus harmony on same parts)

Hibakusha  (1)  132KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn lead)

White-Van-Man  (1)  138KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)

Marcela  (1)  57KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)  Hear the whole tune  here

Este é para você  (1)   123KB   download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)   Hear the whole tune  here

When you're away  (1)  78KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)

Rejection...Dejection  (1)  61KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)

Hoje   (1)  96KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)  Hear the whole tune  here

All around us   (1)  152KB    download

(tbn/ten/sop lead,  alt/ten harmony)   Hear the whole tune  here

Hottentots (now called Khoikhoi)    (1)  135KB    download

(ten/tbn/flt/gtr/pno lead,  tbn harmony)

Key for two    (1)   121KB    download

(tpt/sop/clar/alto lead,  ten/tbn/clar harmony)

Yet a long long way to go    (1)   197KB    download

(tp/alto lead, alto/ten/tbn harmony)

Minerva    (1)   156KB    download

(flt,alt/ten - flute lead, but cued for alt or ten)

El baile con Maquiavelo (Dancing with Machiavelli)    (1)   183KB    download

Tango  (violin/alto/clar/ten lead, clar/ten harmony)

Alina's Song  (1)  235KB    download

(trpt, sop or alt solo or unis)

Walking with Bluebells  (1)   173KB   download

(Bb/Eb,Concert/tbn solo or unis)

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