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All this music is free...but a donation to charity instead would be appreciated. Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.   The following original jazz pieces for small bands or combos are written for 3 front-line instruments, or just 1, if indicated.    Rhythm section parts are for piano, bass and drums.        To refresh the page, click on the yellow
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Roberto  223KB    download


Impensado   200KB    download

(tpt, tbn, ten)

The laptop brigade   (1 - Bb lead)   177KB    download

(tpt/alt,  alt/ten,  ten/tbn)

Now see here    (1 - Bb lead)  135KB    download

(tpt,  alto/tbn,  tbn/ten)

Canto por Domingo    (1 - Bb lead)  162KB    download

(tpt, alt/ten, tbn/bar)

Give it one    (1-Bb or Eb lead)   165KB    download

(tpt/alto,  alto/ten,  tbn/ten)

On old Rannoch Moor    (1 - Bb, Eb or tbn)  108KB     download

(tpt/alto, alto/ten, tbn/ten)

To hear how it might actually sound on Old Rannoch Moor (in Scotland), see below:

Click here for a wonderul photo of Rannoch Moor

Turkish Delight - No bars to cell   (1 - Bb)    147KB    download

(sop/clar/tpt lead,  Bb/Eb/tbn harmony)

Seoul Lady   90.8KB   download

(alt,  tpt,  tbn, with additional tenor part if needed)

4am   174KB     download

(tpt/alt lead, alt/ten,  ten/tbn)

Fudge   151KB     download

(tpt,  alt/ten,  ten/tbn - can also be played by piano trio)

Triaddiction  (Triad-addiction)  255KB    download

(clar,fl lead, tenor or tbn, bar or bass clarinet)

What next?    255KB    download

(tpt,sop/clar lead, tenors or altos or mix harmony)

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