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More small band/combo arrangemets mainly written for 2 front-line, etc etc Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.   

Karma    (1)   69KB    download

(flt lead,  alt/ten unis)

Bapu's Blues    (1 or 3)  241KB    download

(flt/Bb/Eb lead) - Bapu was Gandhi's nickname

Low and Behold   142KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on  Here

Sayanti  (1)  150KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)

Aardvark's Anonymous  107KB    download

(tpt, ten - mostly ten lead)

Kjell-f  Life  159KB    download

tpt/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)

For Razzaq   157KB    download

(ten lead, tbn harmony)

Fit for a King (Kingának)      (1)  92KB    download

(fl, alt, or clar unis or solo instrument)

For Kingának with strings, see below:

This version brings out the harmonies better.

For Kingának with brass, see below:

This last version is for those of you who prefer to lie back and think of England!

On the outside, looking in   (1 - Bb/Eb)  109KB   download

(Bb/alto lead, tbn/ten harmony)

Romero   217KB   download

(tpt, tbn/ten harmony)

Viviane  (1 - Bb/Eb)   200KB   download

(Bb, Eb unis)

Para Uma Amiga  (1 - Bb/Eb/tbn)   120KB   download

(Bb, Eb, Concert)
To hear the whole tune, click here.

Pin-striped soldiers    (1)   210KB    download

(Bb, Eb, Concert unis)

Las Bellas Sevillanas    (1)   146KB    download

(tpt, ten/tbn)

Maybe Tomorrow    (1)   210KB    download

(tpt, soprano - could also use tenor 8vb)

Stewart's Enclosure    (1)   112KB    download

(Bb, Eb and trombone - just a blues)

Mkunjufu    (1)   82.2KB    download

(ten, alt, fl, pno - solo or unis)

The Wrong Song    (1)   142KB    download

(alt, ten, and/or flute, with tbn harmony)

Kadria   (Кадия)    (1)   91.3KB    download

(tpt, alt, fl - unis)   ...and how it sounds with strings:

Viktoria    (1)   146KB    download

(fl, gtr, tbn, ten - all unis)

I don't believe in strangers   (1)  179 KB    download

(trumpet, alto or clarinet solo or unis)

Rebecca   (1)  202KB    download

(alto, clarinet, flute, tenor solo or unis)

A Minha Coisa Longa / My Long Thing   (1)  110 KB    download

(trump/clar/alt/concert unis or solo - or just 1 horn plus bass)

Warning - there are not many rests in the tune.

La Fille qui aime danser    (1)   146KB    download

(alto, piano, bass, drums) To hear a live perfomance of this, click here.

The Bewitching Hour    (1)   146KB    download

(Bb or Eb lead, piano, bass,)To hear a live perfomance of this, click here.This tune is also calledThe Carroll Singer in the Songs section.

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