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These original tunes are written for 5 or 6 trombones, piano, bass and drums, as indicated. One of the trombones in each case is a bass-trombone. In most of them, there is a lot of space for jazz improvisation. These trombone arrangements were all played regularly by
BILL'S BONES, a band ran by Bill Guy.
All this music is free...but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.  Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off. To refresh the page, click on the yellow Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5 

Tim Can   (5 or 6)   393KB  (pdf file size)   download

- not for the faint-hearted  

Through the eyes of a child  (5 or 6)    194 KB    download

- jazz waltz (a popular one). Hear the first chorus  here  

Hear more, see more  (5 or 6)    264KB    download

- bossa nova

Guy's Fawk Night  (5 or 6)    274KB    download

- fast swing with colla voce section

Jerry's hat-trick  (6)    403KB    download

- lots of solo space and ensemble passages

Spot the Paul   (6)    290KB    download

- foot-tapping one

The world according to Rumsfeld  (6)    297KB    download

- gets fast and quite tricky

El niño y la niña  (6)    260KB    download

- interesting one to play

The Artful Roger  (6)    335KB    download

- show tune with funky passage

And his mother called him "Willy"  (6)    495KB    download

- funky with long swing section

Tim waits for Nieman  (6)    322KB    download

- spotlight for 2 of the trombones

For Razzaq   (6)    227KB    download

- good timing needed

What if.... (6)    283KB    download

- solos on sequence and modes. Hear the whole tune (on just piano)  here

Easy come, easy go (5 or 6)    226KB    download

- bouncey tune

To finish off this page, here is a link to a video clip which will appeal to trombonists everywhere
Click here and then on video and scroll down (pull down brown scoller) to last call

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