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All this music is free...but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.  Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.    To refresh the page, click on the Scored Changes logo (above, left) or press ctrl+F5.

Kodály's Calypso  (6)    324KB    download

- a spot of polytonality

Contretemps (6)    280KB    download

- contains a tricky ensemble passage

There you go again  (5)    331KB    download

- funky little number, at least I think that's what they said

Solomon's song  (5)    421KB   download

- Latin feel, with sections for long solos. Hear the whole song on  Here

Home from home (5)    293KB   download

- medium fast swing in different keys

Friars Walk (5)   204KB    download

- old English style into bouncy swing

Doreen's Party Piece (5)   305KB    download

- slow waltz into samba  

Moruroa (5)   296KB    download

- Latin and swing feels. Contains high lead part.

Rachael's Peace (6)   401KB    download

Difficult one but worth perservering with. Dedicated to Rachael Corrie.

The Franklin's Tail (5 or 6)   324KB    download

Blues piece with a bit of a tricky ensemble section.

Viktoria (5)   339KB    download

Solos for 2nd and 3rd trombones and bass.

Kis Magyar Madarak (Little Hungarian Birds) (5)    324KB    download

A sort of Hungarian folk-song which then goes into a jazz piece.
Solos for piano and 2nd and 3rd trombones.

One for the John  (5)    388KB    download

Dedicated to the late John Wood, this is a drum feature, which also has solo space for one of the trombones

For Robert  (5)    250kb   download

This one was written for a good friend, Robert Whittle who used to record rehearsals for us. He always marveled
that the band could sight-read a new piece straight off. When he died of a brain haemorrhage, I wrote this tune to be played at a memorial
gathering for him. To give Robert a smile up in heaven, the band had to sight-read it. There are only 2 choruses with no solos.

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