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This music is free...but a donation to charity instead would be appreciated.   Here are some more original jazz pieces for small bands or combos are written for 4 front-line instruments and rhythm section.    Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off To refresh the page, click on Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5

Vortex  195KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)  (can add flute in unis with trumpet in harmon mute)

A kneesy one  203KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Muezzin  100KB    download

(tpt, alt, sop, tbn)

One plus one   264KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)  (lyrics also included.)

Keep it down, keep it up  107KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Qana  (1 - Bb lead)   256KB    download

(tpt, sop, alt, tbn)

Sofa, So Good   313KB    download

(tpt, alt, tenor, tbn, with additional flute part)

Gosha  240KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

This is dedicated to my Polish friends, particularly Gosha.   Not exactly Chopin, but still...

Perhaps this version with strings might be more appropriate, if you happen to have a string orchestra handy
with a violinist who can play a fast solo in 5/4!

NOTE - This tune is still being tested and is not yet available.

Impulse  399KB    download

(tpt, alt, ten, tbn)

Mermaid  303KB    download

(soprano or clarinet, alto (best) or trumpet, tenor, trombone)

Samba for Tasha /Самба  для  Таша  357KB    download

(clar, alt, ten, tromb, plus flute and guitar parts and replacement tenor part for trombone if necessary.)

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* 4-HORNS - PAGE 2

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