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Missing you  50KB    Lyrics by Tess Garraway. download

Sometimes I find I miss you,
The nights get longer too,
Like a ship that's sailed in winter,
And the ocean's frozen too.
I feel my heart's run aground,
It beats so slow, it's ice-bound.
I feel this way whenever
I find I'm missing you.

Tess Garraway is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Toronto, Canada and now lives in
Eastbourne. Unlike many so-called jazz singers who are really danceband singers who
sing standards, Tess is a real jazz singer whose speciality is writing lyrics to modern jazz
tunes and solos. Her lyrics are wonderful poems in their own right and deserve wide recognition.

The best of friends  38KB   Lyrics by Tess Garraway. download

It's great to find
People of like-mind
Going through life,
A day at a time.
Sharing a laugh
A pint and a half
A shoulder to cry on
When the chips are down.
Here the tune on youtube here.

One plus one  91KB   Lyrics by John Harris. download

See the people move together,
See the people move apart,
Changing shapes and changing patterns,
A Kaleidoscopic farce.
Is it my imagination:
Tunnel vision in reverse?
Are they only separate people,
Different minds,
Or are they one?

John Harris is a former actor and English language teacher who has a tremendous flair
for very imaginative lyrics. We collaborated together in the 1980's and wrote several
songs together, many of them on peace and environmental themes.

I never mind the rain  78KB   Lyrics by John Harris. download

I've been around the world.
I've seen a bit of life.
I've had my share of pain.
I've had my share of sorrow.
I never mind the pain:
Without it life seem to lack perspective.
I never mind the pain:
Without it you feel you haven't even tried.
But before you set off to travel round the world
Quite the most important thing to settle right now before you roam
Is to know there's someone waiting for when you get home.
Hear the whole tune  here

Pent-up emotions  93KB   Lyrics by me, (cringe) download

Days in a daze without end
As I hazily drift on my way,
All that is real is the feel of my lips
Which are sealed till I can say.
Is it me?
Where is the man with the plans
That have finally vanished clean away,
Or have they gone to rest
In another space-time dimension of dissension?

Members of the Menopause  89KB   download

Here am I,
Half-way there,
Growing older,
Greying hair,
Slowing down,
Getting fat,
Like to rest
By lying flat
Days of rushing 'round have gone:
Takes me longer to recover,
After any exercise
Creature comforts I'll discover.

It's called  118KB   download

Where are me glasses?
Who's got me teeth?
I left 'em on the loo-seat,
Or was it underneath?
Wha's happend to me Y-fronts?
I'm sure they were on alright,
But I didn't mean to lose 'em,
'Cause it gets chilly during the night.

How the future lies  54KB   download

I remember when we met,
Your dress was sopping wet,
But times were not for changing, but for love.
The flowers in your hair,
The beads you used to wear,
Were dancing to the sounds of rain above.
In the psychadelic haze
Of peaceful loving days
You prayed to Mother Earth to set us free,
And opted out of school,
Because you said it's cool
To live within a hip community.

Be yourself  72KB   download

Do you see that woman?
She's a lady who can't accept her age.
Imitates her teenage daughter,
But it only shows her great disadvantage.

What is the reason for my heartache?  45KB   download

I may not have a perfect body:
I've been around for some time.
And when a man's had a life like I've had
With knocks a-plenty,
The shocks torment me
With pain,
It comes again and again
I feel like I'm going insane
As it reaches my brain
With a constant repeated refrain

For full version, click here .

Hope you're feeling better  25KB   download

Hope you're feeling better,
Feeling well again,
With your health returning
To how it was back then.
Been a while without you,
Been away too long,
Ev'rybody missed you
Where you belong.
Great to have you back here,
As it all should be,
Now it's all behind you,
We're glad to see.

I never knew the world was round  42.3KB   download


I never knew the world was round,
I thought the stars had all been found,
Until I met you.
I swallowed all that I was told,
Accepting all that I was sold,
Believing all was true,
Until I first met you.
You've opened up my eyes.
Showing me the way to see,
It's been a great surprise,
Seeing how the world can be.
And now I know reality,
The way ahead is clear to me,
And I can face the world anew,
It's thanks to you, you, you.

Kis Magyar Madarak (Small Hungarian Birds)  10KB   download

This is in the style of a traditional Hungarian folksong.
However, I've only thought of the title and my knowledge of
Hungarian is not too advanced! If anyone would like to add lyrics,
please feel free to do so.
I had in mind that it could be about Hungarians living elsewhere.

And now for something different - words to be recited against a blues. It's called Hip Tree.

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