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All are free...but donations to charities such as Amnesty International or UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) would be appreciated instead.Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.     To refresh the page, click on Scored Changes logo (above, left) or press ctrl+F5.   You may have to swap parts to suit the best soloists in the band. Please note that the guitar parts are add-ons and not necessary if there is no guitar in your band. You can read about the pieces in detail and hear the whole arrangements on the Projects1 page. Soundclips apart from Major Peter Peters Out are all taken from the live performance in Dorking on 13th May 2010.

Baryonyx Walkeri    1.35MB    (recording taken from the DS)   download

A difficult chart with solos for trombone, trumpet, soprano/tenor, and bass with colla voce and half-tempo passages. The baritone player is on alto for this tune.  Listen to the whole piece on youtube   here

Pipp Brook    1.65MB    download

A fast samba that goes into swing. Solos are for Alto (Phil Paton, here), Trumpet and Drums and just before the drum solo, for everyone in the band! Not as difficult as it might sound. Listen to the whole piece on youtube   here

Ralph    790KB   download

This is a ballad featuring Alto (Alex Bondonno on this recording) which goes into double-tempo for the solo. Listen to the whole piece on youtube   here

Deorc Ingas    1.34MB    download

A medium-tempo straight-8ths tune with some 3/4 bars amongst the 4/4. Solos are for Alto, Trombone and Tenor. Watch the dynamics which are very important in this tune. Listen to the whole piece on youtube    here

The Golden Hind    1.20MB    download

A feature for a Trombonist with a unison ensemble passage. The trombonist on this full-length recording is the fabulous Mark Bassey. Listen to the whole piece on  youtube here

Major Peter Peters Out    1.55MB    download

Solos for Tenor and Trumpet with slightly challenging ensemble passages. Listen to the whole arrangement played by the Straight No Chaser Big Band here

Box and Cocks    1.54MB    download

Solos for Trumpet and Bass Trombone, (Howard Beagley, here), Piano or Guitar with a few ensemble passages. Listen to the whole piece on youtube    here

One for the Chic ks    989KB    download

Solos are for Alto and Trombone. The piano part should be looked at before playing but otherwise, not a difficult chart. The solo sequence however might need a bit of practice to get it to flow. Listen to the whole piece on   youtube  here

Cavern    1.25MB    download

This is one for the tenor sax players (even better if they can double on soprano) Listen to the whole piece on  youtube  here

Abinger Hammer    1.20MB    download

Contains an unaccompanied solo piano passage, Tenor solo and Bass solo and some fast-finger exercises. Listen to the whole piece on youtube    here

Friends of Jazz    1.27MB    download

A challenging solo sequence for the Tenor and Trumpet and an ensemble passage.  Listen to the whole piece on   youtube   here

Hen Party    1.30MB    download

Needs careful counting. Solos for Trombone and 2 Trumpets. Quite tricky ensemble passage. Not one to play without rehearsal. The trombonist here is Mark Bassey again. Listen to the whole piece on  youtube  here

For Ken    1.30MB    download

This is highly irregular and needs to be counted carefully. Technically, though, it is not difficult. There are a lot of changes of time signature with much syncopation and irregular chorus length - the solo sequence is 19 bars long. Solos are for two of the trumpets. Apart from the introduction, the whole arrangement can be heard here. Solos are from Martijn van Galen and Rob Heasman on trumpets in that order. Pity Kenny Wheeler wasn't at the gig. Listen to the whole piece on  youtube here

PH   601KB    download

This tune was an additional tune to the original suite and played at a subsequent visit to the Watermill Club. It is named after Paul Hobbs, the publicity officer of the club. The sax line-up consists of 2 altos, 1st tenor on soprano, 2nd tenor on flute and baritone on flute (lead). There is no guitar part. Solos are for lead flute and 1st and 4th trumpets. Listen to the tune on  youtube here

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